Packaging Design

The design team of PFKPACK examines the packaging of your competitors in the market before starting the box’s design to find out the strengths and weaknesses of their packaging. After this stage and after reviewing the successful international examples, designing the box’s structure (blade design) begins. After the beauty and convenience, and ease of assembling the package, the important thing is to remove the pert cardboard as much as possible.

After designing and testing the box structure and receiving customer approval, graphic design begins based on the results of the surveys.

Production of packaging

PFKPACK has provided the conditions for producing cost-effective and cheap packaging compared to the quality you obtain. We arrange this effort by directly importing cardboard and providing advanced printing and packaging equipment. The company’s technical experts also supervise the pre-printing, printing, and post-printing stages and manage the quality and production time to send the product on time.

It is also possible to deliver packaging produced in Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Karaj, and other parts of Iran at a reasonable price.

Packaging advice

After reviewing your product, our experts will give you the best offer about the material, printing method and production of the box, and cost-effective circulation. 

To design the packaging based on it.