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  • Pouya Faraz Khalaq Packaging Company (PFKpack)
    We are an expert and lover of packaging, and since 1989, as a consultant, designer, and manufacturer of packaging, we have been cooperating with reputable Iranian and international brands. So in whatever guild you are in; If your product needs a box, you are in our customer group, and you can count on us in all stages of creativity, design, production, and advertising.

  • Our experts in Pouya Faraz Khalaq (PFKpack) Sale Company Unit offer products according to the customer’s needs for each customer. They suggest the appropriate material and structure for packaging. And by examining the product’s shape, weight, fabric and, considering the speed and ease of assembling the packaging and occupying the least space in the warehouse.

    The design unit develops the exact structure of the packaging. Then, after receiving the customer’s approval, the graphic design begins.

  • After the design is approved, the packaging is in the production process. The technical experts of the production unit monitor the process and quality of work until the end of the production process. After that, we present the product according to your needs and design.

    Due to our experience designing and producing packaging for various export products, we are familiar with the terms and standards of box approval in countries trading with Iran.

  • Also, the direct import of cardboard by PFKPACK and the first category relationship with the paper and cardboard manufacturers and contractors in the printing and boxing industry make it possible for us to provide you with packaging at the most reasonable price.

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