What you can make with a piece of paper? A rocket? A ship? A bird? or a frog? How many folds? How many cuts? Do you paint it? What do you make with a piece of cardboard? A box for a birthday’s gift? Or a doll’s home??

But Pouya Faraz Khallagh (PFKPACK) has better new ideas, since 1990 that we founded it with our thoughtful friends based on new thoughts and designs, we thought about foods packaging and gradually we founded the first place in the market. Our designers and advisers are fully aware of packaging technology concerning fast foo, takeaway and catering, but it was not enough we had to get familiar with the needs of customers and it would need much researches. Very soon we succeeded to find our routes in hearts of our customers by relying on our potentials and by assistance of brand new machinery and it was merely based on our valuable experience, assessment of customer’s needs and continuous research on updated technology of the world. Little by little Bronsi and Bluecut Brands as initiators and pioneers of cooked foods and Industrial packaging, found its stand and now Bronsi and Bluecut can serve as guide of its competitors. Now by assistance of God and by relying on our own experiences among the triangle of time, cost and quality, we are seeking for the satisfaction of customers and anyway assessing the colleague’s diligence and always we follow up good performance of work. Our goals can be realized by management on orders basket, optimized management of resources, proper management of communications and public relations and management of common working aspects. We intend to open a new outlook of our activities towards the customers and make new plans.

Our work is about recognition of papers secrets by folding and cutting, out-designs and inspired by the nature, please love the nature too.

Using knowledge and skills of the best certified and creative experts, Pouya Faraz Khallagh Company (PFKPACK) started working in 1990 in specialized packaging. Due to industrial and economic development of our beloved country Iran, presenting production in appropriate packs was felt more and more, so it caused development in printing and packing industry. We also are so proud to have a small share in this process. As the time goes, as a result of getting experienced from giving services to different industries, more specialized fields of industrial packing comes to life from the roots of Pouya Faraz Khallagh. Until this day, we have started a path for specialized packing in any industry by registering two brands that are called Bronsi and Bluecut and this path will continue via entering other industries.


Bronsi Packaging for fast foods, restaurants and coffee shops‘ productions

In 1990 the foundation of fast foods, restaurants and coffee shops’ productions packing brand was made with the name of Bronsi by creative colleagues in Pouya Faraz Khallagh Co. We approached to our goal by creating new ideas and designs and little by little we put our feet on a path which we were the first ones.

As the starter of Fast foods, restaurants and coffee shops’ productions packing industry, Bronsi found its place and was able to be a guide for other competitors. Now managers of Pouya Faraz Khallagh Co. are focusing on stabilize food productions packing with Bronsi brand as a specialized job for fast foods, restaurants and caterings inside and outside of Iran.


Industries packaging with “BLUECUT” brand:

Industries packing (design, print and producing different packing process), including packing of medicine, make up, cleaners, car spare parts, CDs and educational products, home products and exporting fruits packages, is being done as a specialized job under the brand of Bluecut in Pouya Faraz Khallagh Co.

Bluecut” brand includes all parts of designing, production and printing and it is being supervised by packaging experts and art specialists. This process continues by geometric design, 3D production of package in the software, real size production of a sample from package and graphic designs of the package.

With the help of machines, experts and unbelievable facilities, this company has the ability to satisfy all of your needs in printing and packaging area.


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