Industrial Packaging

      Industrial packaging includes Boxes and Industrial tools packaging. We know that you use packaging to represent your company and brand. Packaging design plays a crucial role in building a brand’s identity. It is the visual language that speaks to audiences and creates a sense of personality.
 Our designers will suggest not only a suitable cardboard box, but also a useful structure and system of internal fixation, which is easy to fold; no gluing or stapling is necessary. With the help of offset or flexo printing techniques we offer the simple or all-over print of packaging.
We effectively solve your demanding requirements for packaging and fixation of heavy products.
PFK pack brand`s products, combine the best quality with the best value. Our specialists will offer you an optional procedure for printing of your packaging depending on the technological possibilities and the most suitable materials (three/ five/ seven-layer cardboard with various wave combinations or papers).
We believe good service means, offering the finest quality and best selection of products with the quickest service in the industry. As long-term partners, we hope to exceed our customers’ expectations – delivering every order with speed, passion and operational excellence.
Raise your expectation and trust our specialists, thereupon you will expert a unique experience with our friendly team with an amazing useful result.